All Night Long.

from by Flat Bickie



drink until we pass out
smoke until our lungs black

no body asked you
what you fuckin think of that

a thirst that cant be quenched
friday nights your straight were bent

fucked up with my all my friends
this worlds a cunt so fuck it again

you want some feelings?
weve got no feelings….

how are we feeling?
how are we dealing?

how are we feeling?
burn down the ceiling

nothing to complain about
what a perfect world i wanna hurl

were getting strange right now
might break these walls might meet a girl

somone bring bring a case in case
lets drown ourselves back to hell

and that is where the partys at
snorting up for a heart attack

how are we feeling?
burn down the ceiling

alllllll niiigghhttttt llloooooonnngggggg
fighting the hangover off with more

alllllll niiigghhttttt llloooooonnngggggg
singing our drunken songs of drugs

dick head bloated bastards
run the county fuck them

what do i know im a fuckwitt
when im plastered let me ask you


from Pissing in to the wind, released February 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Flat Bickie Byron Bay, Australia

Pissing in to the wind.

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